Ivana Vereen | About
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Apostle Ivana Vereen was born with a purpose. Her mother, Dilcy Mae Vereen, gave birth to two sets of multiples; twins and triplets. She was one of the triplets. Her mother had one single birth and two multiple deliveries, unaware that she was pregnant with triplets until two weeks before delivering. The complications that her mother faced giving birth as all three children tried to leave the womb at the same time, mirrors the struggles and fight of her life. Finding an alternative way to cope with her hardships, Apostle Ivana led a life of addiction, abuse, incarceration, sex, and scandal hanging on by a thread, but always knowing that there was a purpose to fulfill. Today she walks in that purpose, teaching others that there is life after drug abuse and addiction. She attributes her recovery, deliverance and new mind to a rebirth of her soul, trusting in God to provide the strength she needed to turn her life around. She is not ashamed to tell her story, knowing that it may help others break free of the bonds that are keeping them feeling worthless, rejected, hurt and ashamed.

Apostle Ivana recently published her very first book titled “Lost In The Valley!” This book chronicles the life she lived while in a world of darkness. God has brought her out into the light and she desires to spread hope to the hopeless and love to the lost.

She is very active in Ministry and is now a licensed and ordained first Evangelist, Pastor and now Apostle, keeping God first in all that she does. Apostle Ivana is the mother of seven children; six sons and one daughter, born last. She has obtained a degree in Criminal Justice administration, and has also received a full Governor’s pardon for her crimes committed while in active addiction. She has also obtained a C.N.A license and has worked as a certified Nursing Assistant working with mental health patients and caring for the Elderly Community. She is now a senior in college studying for her Bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies/Psychology . Apostle Ivana now resides in Atlanta, GA with her children. Apostle Ivana credits her new life to Christ and fully acknowledges that if it weren’t for God’s grace she would not still be here. It’s a new day, it’s time to walk in it! BOOK HER TODAY!